Core banking system

Automated banking system with an integrated or individual approach to the client

Features and benefits

  • Focus on commercial server Oracle database
  • Flexible system administration
  • Multi-tiered system of separate access to financial and technical resources of the Bank
  • Quick integration with other systems through the use SOAP
  • Modern development tools
  • Multi-level system-of-sight
  • Web interface
  • Easy integration with government agencies that use our product UNITY-BARS (NBU, State Treasury Service of Ukraine, Customs-clearing center (the all-Ukrainian Depository of securities))
  • III — tier architecture model
  • Working with large volumes of data (15 million customers, 25 million accounts, 10 million of the users; processes daily more than 600 thousand documents)
  • The user interface is based on web technologies, provides over slow communication channels
  • According to the modern requirements of information security
  • Use of modern development tools (ASP.NET,ANGULAR, KENDO). Oracle
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“Main” modules group
KRNCore SystemThe module ensures basic functionality of the “platform”, which includes the internal system mechanism and utilities, organization users and subdivisions administration, etc.
CACCustomer accountingThe module performs customers (personal, private and business customers) and related accounting.
GLGeneral ledgerThe module ensures accounts, documents, transactions accounting.
CASHCash operation managementThe module ensures cash desk operational activities
ARCHLive data archivingARC – Data archiving and its transmission from online transaction proceeding system to the archives system. Archiving – is insertion of outdated data to the archives table space, as well as possibility to deliver such table space data files to less powerful carriers. Archiving may be performed for the partitioned tables, by putting archived partitions into separate table in separate table space.
INFOSMS and E-mail informingThe module ensures customers SMS and Email informing on specified events.
DEALSContracts recordDEALS – a single module of all type of existing contracts
VEGA2Electronic signature (VEGA2)Module ensures electronic signature attaching (VEGA)
“Business” modules group
CCKPersonal, private and business customer portfolioCCK – Personal, Private and Business customers credit agreements servicing, private customer loans portfolio inventory. Includes: Edge – borrower before loan examination, Agreements introduction and authorization, Additional agreements, Restructurings. Certificates, Back functional – interest, penalty, depreciation accrual, maturity values allocation on arrears, placing on arrears, agreements closure. Accounting, ARJK, Special control services for parts (pools) of loans portfolio, which accounting is performed on the bank’s return, but assets for which are provided by other financial institution
OVROverdraft of the bank, legal persons, physical personsOVR – overdraft of the bank, business customers, private customers, Overdraft loan agreements operation automation
MBDKInterbank credits, depositsMBDK agreements portfolio maintenance (generation of opening/ attraction payments, interest accrual, prolongation, rollover, security agreements association, SWIFT-messages generation)
CRSOURCredit resourcesCRSOUR – servicing of agreements of monetary resources exchange between central office and regional directorate
WCSPre-credit servicingSelection of credit terms; data introduction; automatic transactions; examination by regional directorate, central office services; registration of unauthorized agreement in Core System loan portfolio; agreements signing; loan granting
FXSForex – contractsAutomation of agreements of currency buying and selling at the interbank market
CPSecuritiesCP – Accounting of various types of transactions with securities packages
FCTFactoringMaintenance of customer factoring contracts portfolio
REZReserves build-upAutomation of the bank reserve funds amount calculation; entries automatic generation
FCHFuturesoperation with futures
GRNTrade finances, guarantees, letters of creditThe module enables to track the state of Provided guarantees agreements (GA), located in the bank’s (BP), business customers, private customers and partner banks portfolios separately.
INSInsuranceCollateralized property insurance control; earned commission calculation automation; control of limits on partners – insurance companies.
FINSTCalculation of business customers financial stateCalculation and analysis of the customer’s financial state based on the customer’s official accounting data
FINPCalculation of private customer`s financial stateFIN – Calculation of the private customer`s financial state
PAWNSecurity accountingAccounting of security, received by the bank
DPTPrivate Customer depositsDPT – Private Customer deposit portfolio
DPUBusiness Customer depositsOperation with deposit agreements of business customers
SKNDeposit boxesDeposit safe boxes parameters accounting.
ZAYExchange transactionsOperation on customer applications on buying/selling/ conversion of foreign currencies
RKOSettlement and cash services and subscription feeSubscription fee accruals and writing off as a kind of commission, Specific character of various rates usage regarding
LOMPrecious metals junk buying upSupport of current transactions on buying up and acceptance for evaluation expertise of the precious metals articles;
BROFunds reservation on the economic entities’ accountsMaintenance of customer agreements for the current account balance temporary irreduction
STORecurring paymentsAutomatic payments generation on due dates
NOSLORO and NOSTRO corr.accountsNostro agreements portfolio
MTBank’s internal, interbank and international transfers“Transfers” module enables to perform cash resources transfers in national currency in the automated single internal banking system.
CH_1Traveller’s chequesParcels collection from dependent institutions, generation, sending and control into foreign banks, covering and settlements
EXCLSpecial services1) Energy market, 2) Funds disbursement to the Peace Corps volunteers, 3) Interaction with branches regarding precious metals, 4) LOT – Front-end operations, Settlements, Lottery distribution accounting, 5) AVKAS – Documents payment service
NUTax accountingFinancial accounting data maintenance and representation in the taxation system
“Reporting” modules group
NBURNational Bank accountingNational Bank reference books, classifiers and codifiers as well as internal reference books for the accounting needs. Enables to view and edit data in manual mode, as well as “Synchronized tables editing” service is available, which enables to load updated reference books in a package mode or separately on each reference book, having previously viewed the list of modified records.
INTG_DPAAccounting to the institutions@F – Accounting to the State tax administration on opened accounts
DELOITAuditors reports (with Core System)Auditors reports (with Core System)
ANIAnalytics reportsCustomers operation tracking by number of statistical factors to be calculated
“Integration” modules group
MGRData migration from other systemsData migration from other systems
DEBREGInterface with “Debtors register”Monitoring/provision of information on interest-bearing assets overdue, which total amount on one debtor customer exceeds 10 000,00 UAH in equivalent on specific data.
NSMInterface with NSMEP (National Payment system)Interface with National Payment System
CIGInterface with FCBUEnsuring interaction possibility of the Core System with FCBU system. Interaction subject – bank borrowers data: physical and legal persons (in FCBU format).
SWTInterface with SWIFT systemInterface with SWIFT system, Outbound messages handling:, Generation of messages: МТ103, МТ200, МТ202, Generation of messages: МТ103 on a secured basis, МТ103, МТ200, МТ202 messages documents maintenance, Correspondent account fitting, Messages export control, Message log, Messages import from SWIFT into Core System, Inbound messages handling, Imported messages without authentication, Messages handling/ distribution, МТ940/МТ950 messages generation, Statements handling, Participants directory import
SSVInteraction of electronic banking system-SWIFT-intrabank payment serviceAutomatic regional directorate. recognition of the incoming SWIFT-message recipient. Recognition filters accumulation
VMDCurrency customs declaration acceptanceCurrency customs declaration acceptance
IBOXInteraction with payment terminalsInteraction with payment terminals
DCPNSecurities depository (National Bank) integrationSecurities depository (National Bank) integration
RBNBUSettlement bank (National Bank) integrationSettlement bank (National Bank) integration
RIInterface with insider`s registerInterface with insider`s register
INTG_EACore System integration with electronic archiveSynchronization with electronic archive, customer`s data and deposit module (physical persons/legal persons) accounts data delivery
INTG_GMSUCore System and Local SMS Provider integrationCore System – Local SMS Provider integration. Sending SMS-messages to customers regarding accounts state modifications.
DCPInterface with securities depositaryImport of files from securities depositary, payments generation
INTG_WBWAY4 web banking integrationCore System interaction with WAY4 Personal Banking system.
NDRCRMInteraction with CRM BPMNOnlineRegistration of a customer, loan agreement in CRM BPMOnline system with further data delivery, customer and loan agreement registration in Core System
MCRMInteraction with Microsoft CRMUnloading data from Core System into CRM system on the file exchange level
BPKIntegration with Way4 processing centerInteraction with CardMake system (Way4 products, banking cards agreements synchronization)
CARDIntegration with UkrCard processing centre (UPB)Integration with UkrCard processing center (UPB)
FGVInteraction with deposit insurance fundInteraction with deposit insurance fund
SEP+VPSSupport of National Bank electronic banking system and Intrabank payment system (if available)Electronic banking system and Intrabank payment system payments control
CORP2Corporate client-bankCORP 2- is a system with wide list of features, enabling the bank Customers to control their accounts round-the-clock without leaving their office. The following is performed by the system: internal and external transfers; accounts replenishments; SWIFT payments; applications for foreign currency buying/selling; salary project.
DWHEXPData upload into the DataWarehouse (DWH)Data upload into the DataWarehouse (DWH)
CLIMCash limits and balance monitoringCash limits and balance monitoring in the cashier’s around all bank’s geography from the central office, and possibility to set acceptable limits for cash storage in the cashier’s and notification in case of its violation
CDM(CORP)Integration with Single customer`s baseIntegration with Single customer`s base
KFILEK-files consolidationThe module is designed to generate consolidated accounting files and banking technical statements based on accepted files from banking institutions with K-data on funds flow on bank corporate customers accounts.
CRCAOffset accounts centralized register (CRCA)Offset accounts centralized register (CRCA)
BICFIntegration of Core System and Card Management module “Credit factory”Integration of Core System and Card Management module “Credit factory”
INTG_CRNVCentral register of immovable deposits (immovable deposits)immovable deposits
INTG_RRODBRodoviv bank depositors registerRodoviv bank depositors register
INTG_CRVCRV (USSR Central Depositors Registration)CRV (USSR Central Depositors Registration)
“Management/Monitoring/Control” modules group
KSTEstimateData communication and importation on entries by accounts, required for the estimate performance control.
BUDGBudgeting. Plan-actualBudgeting. Plan-actual
CIMExchange controlExport and import transactions contracts maintenance in terms of customers, contracts currencies, contracts types.
DBTEconomic receivablesXOZ – automatic tracking of debiting cases of separate defined concentration accounts (XOZ type). Control of its timely and correct closing. Reserve calculation on a reporting date in compliance with resolution 23 of the National Bank.
LCSCurrency exchange transactions controlControl of foreign currency transfers, made by order of physical persons
FINMONFinancial monitoring – registerFinancial monitoring – register
MTVBank staff motivation system“Banking transactions” reference book with division on: Automatic (which may be singled out from Core System), Manual (may not be singled out from Core System, its data is entered manually), Scoring system of various types transactions evaluation. Set of reports on various transactions number and its score in a period in calendar days and Branches-3 analysis