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Web and mobile internet-banking

For SME and individuals

B.One Features

  • Obtain information about-fees and payments
  • Generate payments
  • Create reports
  • Pay loans
  • Apply for deposits
  • Apply for the connection of the deposits of Bank products
  • Manage regular payments
  • Control access for employees, connected to the system
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B.One platform functionality

  • Access to the deposits, making replenishment (web and mobile app)
  • Access to the loans, making repayment (web and mobile app)
  • Branches and ATM map. Making routes to the nearest branch/ATM. Import points via XML file or from Core system. Online currency rates (from Core system).
  • An authorized user can create an restricted access "user". Amount of "users" has no limitation.
  • Make an application for deposit, credit, bank guarantee or any other bank product
  • The user has the ability to change and recover the password. Use EDS-token or SMS OTP Authentication. For mobile applications - use FaceID, TouchID. The Admin Console has flexible user lock settings


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Corporate client-bank

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Forward Online

Modern internet-banking system for web and mobile

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