Core banking system

Provision of several MFIs in the Central database.

Features and benefits

  • In compliance with current trends, market positions and strategies of the banking institutions
  • Reduce operational risk and enhance transparency
  • Centralization of functions, operations, and business processes of the Bank
  • Save unchanged code MFI
  • Provide work in a single centralized Database of all structural units of the Bank
  • Centralization of a wide range of interaction processes
  • Consolidation of administrative processes
  • Facilitate integration with third-party tasks
  • The ability to build up balance and accountability in the context of individual MFIs
  • Reducing information risk and increasing protection of information systems of the Bank
  • Optimization of the organizational structure of the Bank
  • Providing online access to the entire array of data in a single database, the access control according to access levels
  • Ability to conduct audit without leaving
  • Ensuring the efficiency and transparency of the Bank management process
  • Reduce costs through centralization of processes
  • Consolidation of data and indicators throughout the Bank system
  • Ensure identity of the system parameters for all structural units (the identity of the products, their parameters, limits, and templates, etc.)
  • The possibility of folding centralized reporting files throughout the Bank system