Corp 2

Corporate online banking

Reliable and time-tested system of remote service with a wide range of functionality

  • Corp 2 is a reliable and time-tested remote-service system with a wide range of functionality, enabling customers to manage their accounts around the clock, without leaving the office. With the help of the system, Clients have the opportunity of constant access and prompt receipt of the full amount of information about the status of accounts. In this case, all information exchanged between the Client and the Bank is securely protected by the system and is not accessible to third parties. The system is constantly evolving and improving, making it the basis for the following products of the company, the updated B.One system
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Multilevel authentication

  • Each type of entrance can be separately authorized or forbidden. Various carriers of the secret key are supported (token, smart card, etc.). Ability to further encrypt the channel with its own secret key (using the crypto gateway Bars Gataway)
  • User login and regular password
  • Token for generating a one-time password (optional for multiple)
  • One-time SMS password generated by a virtual token (in addition to multiple)
  • An electronic-digital key for use in cryptographic transformations (key input). The same key is the imposition of EDS on documents

Features and benefits

  • Supports load at peak times of 2000 - 3000 simultaneously working users
  • The corporate client-bank has more than 46,000 users
  • Contains 200,000 accounts and 300,000 to 400,000 documents a day
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Approval customization

  • Single visa (used by individuals and business entities)
  • Double visa (standard for legal entities (accountant, director)
  • Triple Visa (used for corporate control (accountant, director, controller)
  • A visa holder in a triple visa is marked as "consistent". This means that it can be imposed only after the bookkeeper's and the Director's visas. In contrast, the bookkeeper and the Director's visa may be imposed arbitrarily. The total number of visas can be increased to 10 with the installation of order and priority. Also, conditional visas are supported - according to the specified rule (for example, if a certain amount is exceeded, or for a certain number of accounts / recipient / bank, etc.) - only if the visa requirement is fulfilled, the document will be assigned.