Credit module

Service system lending activities and automation of credit institutions with the full cycle of customer service

Features and benefits

  • Automation of processes for querying external systems (BKI, MIA, etc.) manual checking of applications (call to the place of work, etc.), verification of business rules
  • Possibility to place points for working with clients anywhere (implementation of the user interface on the basis of Web-technologies)
  • Direct interaction with image capture devices
  • Adaptation of the work process and processing of the loan application to the requirements of the customer
  • Focus on the maximum processing speed of a loan application (issuing a loan without collateral for 20 minutes)
  • Minimize fraud risks by automating parameter selection and minimizing manual data entry

Module functionality

  • Establishment of a loan agreement - registration of the borrower, parameters of the loan agreement and security, construction of the GPC, calculation of the effective rate, the formation of printed forms, authorization under the rule of "two hands"
  • Issuance of funds - transfer to a card account, for arbitrary billing information or cash outflow caused by transactions performed
  • Maintenance of a loan agreement - interest, interest, late payment, automatic analysis of loan repayments, etc.
  • Repayment of the loan - use of the repayment account, scheduled and early repayment, redemption through the BOD, transfer to the EPS, use of self-service terminals (Ibox, Bank24, etc.)
  • Restructuring - support for many types of restructuring (prolongation, change% of the rate, loan amount, etc.)

Technological features

  • Display all transactions online
  • Role-based approach - the module provides a set of roles for various actions (credit inspector, accountant, analyst, etc.), distribution of access rights in accordance with the established role
  • Parametrization - setting based on the parameters of the reference books of credit products, accounting model of accounting, printed patterns, operations
  • Settlement of reserve - "seamless" integration with the module of reserve calculation, automatic calculation and accounting of reserves in accordance with the NBU regulation number 23
  • Integration with third-party systems - the ability to interact with third-party systems in particular with payroll software