Electronic archive

Provides storage of source documents in electronic form

electronicarchive macbook

Module functionality

  • Perform operations on files within a certain process: viewing, checking, placing files in different types of packages, etc.)
  • Formation, editing, deletion of file packs
  • Support for EDS files and file packs
  • Create new folders; edit and delete existing folders; grouping documents into folders
  • Web service for receiving documents (files) from external sources - ABS and virtual printer - BarsPrintProcessor
  • Repayment of the loan - use of the repayment account, scheduled and early repayment, redemption through the BOD, transfer to the EPS, use of self-service terminals (Ibox, Bank24, etc.)
  • Restructuring - support for many types of restructuring (prolongation, change% of the rate, loan amount, etc.)