Forward Online

Modern internet-banking system for web and mobile

For individuals

Forward Online features

  • Access to banking products and services anywhere and at any time
  • Functionality meets modern requirements of customers
  • The system design is built on the basis of the intuitive preferences of the user. According to the standards of Material design of Android and IOS Human Interface Guidelines
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Forward Online functionality

  • Self-registration in the system, the ability of the account management client
  • Viewing Deposit products (including the files) with possibility of replenishment and open (WEB, mobile app)
  • View existing credit products with the ability to make a payment for repayment
  • View the minimum obligatory payment by credit card
  • API-Services for CRM-systems: block, unlock and change the user's phone number
  • The formation of statements of accounts of the user, display account statements (WEB, mobile, apps), the mechanism of the latest operations of the user-specific account, export / print statements
  • Create and send Bank transfers between your accounts, by account number to the Bank's Clients, by phone number to Forward online users, saving templates of payment documents
  • Map of branches and other points of presence of the Bank, with the possibility of laying the route and viewing detailed information. Edit data through the admin panel
  • Automatic download of current exchange rates from the ABS, information on the current rates in the System (WEB, mobile app) with possibility of transition to a separate screen to display the change history of course
  • Setting currency exchange rates MPs through the administrative part and their reflection in the System (WEB, mobile app)
  • Services for card management