• Required:

    Deep knowledge of Oracle SQL, PL / SQL;

    Deep understanding of Oracle DBMS architecture, functioning of its components;

    Ability to understand someone else's code;

    Skills in performance analysis and SQL optimization;

    Experience in a similar position from 3 years.

    It will be an advantage:

    Knowledge of the banking systems work specifics;

    Availability of completed developments;

    English at the level of free reading of technical documentation.

    We offer:

    Competitive salary;

    Official employment;

    Full social package;

    Comfortable working conditions;

    Health insurance;

    Corporate English courses;

    Opportunity for professional growth and career development.

  • Experience with:

    .Net, Core;

    Web API;

    Entity framework;

    Angular 2+;

    DI (dependency injection);

    SOLID principles;

    HTML; CSS.

    We offer:

    Interesting project;

    Modern technology;

    Young, active team;

    Decent pay;

    Modern office;

    Formal employment;

    Full social package;

    English courses;

    Medical Insurance.


    Adaptation of existing solutions;

    Development of the integration module.

  • Required:

    Higher Education

    Experience of working with database administrator from 5 years

    The experience of OS administration is certified for Oracle DBMS

    Experience in configuring configurations and optimizing DBMS performance

    Experience in backing up, database recovery

    Knowledge of server equipment and cluster technologies

    It will be an advantage:

    Experience with PL / SQL

    Experience in the financial and banking sector

    Availability of certificates or qualification confirmation with Oracle Database

  • Requirements:

    Knowledge and Understanding of PLO;

    Java Core;

    Experience with Android SDK;

    Understanding the architecture of Android applications;

    Understanding UI Construction, Android Design Guidelines, Material Design Patterns;

    Knowledge of SQLite;

    Understanding REST API principles;

    Understanding the principles of git version management.

    It will be an advantage:

    Knowledge of Kotlin;

    Practical experience of application development;

    Git experience and git flow understanding;

    Knowledge / experience with RxJava 2, Dagger 2, Mosby, Retrofit, Android Architecture Components, Firebase.

    Working conditions:

    Professional and career development;

    Formal employment;

    Full social package;

    Interesting project;

    Mentor assistance;

    Young ambitious team;

    Medical Insurance.


    Development and refinement of applications for mobile banking systems

  • Required:

    Technical higher education

    Experience in project management on the development and implementation of software from 3 years

    Theoretical knowledge in the field of project management and experience of their application

    Understanding of the basic principles and business processes of the functioning of banking automation systems

    Experience in writing design and technical documentation)

    Experience in managing and coordinating the work of internal working groups

    Sociability, high level of self-organization and motivation, ability and desire for self-education, stress resistance

    Ability to work in multitasking mode

    It will be an advantage:

    Experience in managing software development projects in the banking sector

    Work experience by developer and / or software architect

    Experience of work as a business analyst in the banking sector

    Knowledge of applied banking modules


    Identification and detail of the Customer's requirements

    Drafting of the plan and budget of the project

    Participation in the formation of a team, organization, motivation of the project team

    Assessment of project risks and their avoidance options

    Preparation of detailed technical specification and accompanying documentation for the project, including according to DEST

    Setting up tasks for developers

    Research and analysis of the banking services market

    Close cooperation with Customers and Partners.

  • Needed:

    Knowledge of the normative base for the compilation of statistical reporting by the NBU (Resolution, Methodology of the NBU)

    Knowledge of accounting principles in banking institutions

    Experience in the field of compilation of statistical reporting by the NBU (knowledge of the XML format)

    Ability to analyze customer requirements and problem statement for developers

    Communicativeness (communication with the customer)

    Would be an advantage:

    Knowledge of PL/SQL

    We offer:

    Official employment

    Повний соціальний пакет;

    Full social package

    Modern office

    Medical Insurance

    English courses.

  • Required:

    Knowledge of the theory of testing, methodologies and techniques

    Experience in creating test documentation (test-plan, check-lists, test cases).

    Experience with Jira, Confluence

    Ability to work with Internet Explorer, Chrome developer tools

    Basic Knowledge of SQL (Oracle)

    Basic knowledge of client-server architecture

    It will be an advantage:

    Technical education (Information technology, computer science, etc.)

    Experience in working with banking software

    Ability to test web services with special software (Postman, SoapUI)

    Ability to conduct load testing (Jmeter)

    Experience with Git or SVN


    Testing the banking software

    Creation of test documentation: check-lists and detailed test-cases

    Documentation of incidents

    Working with the database, writing SQL queries

    Participation in the acceptance testing on the customer's site

    Close cooperation with customer and developers